Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cakes Just The Way You Like 'Em

Best served Hot With Cappuccino Shake!
It all started with a casual conversation of a couple who were just having a regular day. Combining the artistic inclination of Jethro and business sense of Maicris, plus their love for food, cooking and baking potentials, hence, Cake.A'holic was born. It's funny because before the cakes, they started with their chicken empanada, strictly per order only. As days pass, they just couldn't stop themselves from coming up with ideas for expansion and the creative juices were obviously overflowing.

After the ham and cheese and chicken empanada, came the themed cakes. They may have generic designs but definitely, they accept the challenge of letting their customers come up with their own designs.

Jet, the hardworking pastry maker, does his own gum-based flowerettes and other cake decors to the delight of his clients and I would say he makes promising lilies and cherry blossom designs. He also makes  Mahjong Cakes and Kimmi Doll Cakes. Here are some of his exciting and fun creations that are definitely reasonably priced.

Mah Jong Inspired Cake (You can eat these tiles as consolation prize when you lose!)

The Charming Kimmi Doll Cake
Basket Cake surrounded by Red Velvet Cupcakes Topped With Cream Cheese Rosettes
Chanel Designer Cake
Jethro's Very First Birthday Cake
Cake.A'Holic's Sinful Chocolate Cake

For more creative designs, drop by Cake.A'Holic located at SRDCI Bldg., Libertad Extension (in front of what used to be the Uptown Arcade, before the entrances of Dona Juliana and City Heights Subdivisions).


  1. This is very nice. The foods are very tempting and inviting as RandomThoughts! look at them. Thanks for Jethro and Maicris who conceived this Cake.A'Holic and came to being and nurtured it by their prolific and productive sense of artistry and business venture. Keep up this business and more power.